We need your help to map the people, places, and organisations that are supporting researchers through the writing process.

We’d like to hear from writers of all kinds - from those working with pen and paper to those who write with film or paint. Tell us about your research and writing projects so that we can add them to our platform. Making research more visible will enable researchers to connect with others, build networks and share knowledge, and find inspiration and support in the research community.

Not sure if you're a writer?

Tell us about:

  • Writing retreats, writing spaces, and research groups that support writing and provide opportunities to showcase writing. This could include groups that are writing in transmedia forms such as digital, film, or audio.
  • Projects, programmes, or initiatives that are challenging, subverting, and developing writing practices in research.
  • Interesting people and places we should add to our map. If we think they’re a good fit, we’ll get in touch to see if they want to take part.
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