We are TRACE: The Research Centre for Transcultural Creativity and Education.

We are Transcultural

We conduct research into the creative and educational journeys that people take across cultures. ‘Journeys’ can here be taken as a metaphor for the development of new knowledge (or ‘insight’) as people live, work, travel, perform, create, and grow old together. We explore the adaptations that people make as they make journeys, as they expand or refine their perspectives, as establish habits and modes of performing within the world.

Under the umbrella of the Transcultural theme, our associates are engaged in a rich portfolio of research and are exploring science culture, cultures of life-long learning, cultural heritage, cultural literacy, food culture, maker culture, craft culture, cultural memory, citizen research culture, and design culture.

The identifying theme of “Transcultural Creativity and Education” breaks down further into the following sub-themes and statements of intent:

We are Transpersonal

We explore how people use words, art, music, and science to reach out, communicate and develop empathy for and with each other. Some of our research explores the human experience of culture: how people, see, taste, hear, represent, and emotionally engage with the world around them, with communities, and with other people. Some projects, especially those that are also associated with The Centre for Environmental Humanities consider interspecies communication, dialogue, and exchanges.

We are Translocational

We are interested in the intersection of creativity, place, and time. We are a dispersed research centre, working across different locations and cities. Some of our research has directly investigated the concept of the translocal relationships between neighbouring villages, towns and cities within the cultural and creative sectors. The theme of Transnational Creativity continues to be important.

Beyond the theme of locality, some of our associates have investigated the intersection of time and place. For example, associate researchers are exploring how history informs our understanding of the world, or investigating how we relate to the future in the face of environmental crisis through imagination, technology and social media.

We are Transmedia

We are interested in developing a wider understanding of how media, craft, and technology are used to create and communicate knowledge. Our members have experience in a wide range of media and technologies: from musical instruments, through to paint brushes, scientific instruments, pens, and digital media. We are interested in the ways in which media and technology inform our view of the world, and of ourselves. Read more about our transmedia storytelling methodologies.

We are Transformative

We aim to develop research, cultural products, and opportunities that transform culture. We believe that inclusivity and excellence are mutually compatible and that cross pollination can stimulate innovation. Within this context our research focuses on ‘thresholds’ - cross-roads within creative or developmental processes that mark, or facilitate the potential for change. Thresholds are a key part of human experience and come in many guises: spatial, cultural, temporal, imaginative, economical, psychological, or professional. Where thresholds create obstacles, we aim to work with people to remove them, and to understand why they are there. But thresholds can also be ‘boundary spaces’; they can be there to protect people, and they can present opportunities for the cross-pollination of different ideas, skill-sets, knowledge, and life experiences.

TRACE’s new platform aims to create a space for people to explore, write about, and tackle these challenges. Our day-to-day work in support of this platform will involve mapping, interrogating, and exploring what it means to create and learn at cultural intersections.