This new, digital platform champions the role of writing and transmedia storytelling in research.

TRACE’s mission is to enable the formation of new knowledge across cultures of creativity and education.

To support our mission, this platform aims to make the spaces, groups, and events that support the writing process more visible. Through providing this service, we want to support more researchers to embark on and sustain innovative research projects and journeys.

We have launched this initiative because we believe that writing is a central part of the research process.

We believe that the concept of ‘writing’ is often widely misunderstood as relating purely to the process of ‘writing up’ or ‘publishing’ research. In fact, our research into writing habits (conducted by members of TRACE through our sister project, Paper Nations) has led us to visualise writing as a cycle of continuous development.

Within this cycle, writing and research (aka ‘exploration’) go hand in hand. To us, writing isn’t just the end product, but part of the research process. In addition to presenting our final results, writing helps us to explore the world, record our experiences, connect to others, and cross borders. In short, we believe it helps us produce better research.

Through writing, we imagine - we connect - we create - we cross borders

At the moment, this platform is open to all Bath Spa University researchers and research support staff. Anyone can feature their research event or research support activity on the site; you don’t have to be a member of TRACE to make use of this service.

We’re also piloting opening up this platform to external members of TRACE, including ‘Citizen Investigators’. If this pilot goes well, from January 2020 the platform will fully open to external members of TRACE.

We are a small team and we need your help to bring this platform to life.

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