The calling cards are organised into:

Researchers: Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, and researchers and research support staff from Bath Spa University who share an interest in TRACE’s themes. But it’s not only people from Bath Spa University who feature in this section; we also include people from the wider community who share our interests.

Research Facilitators: Locations, venues, and organisations who facilitate research and who endorse the themes of TRACE. These include libraries, archives, writers’ or community groups and other places of support or information that enable researchers to develop their knowledge base.

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The invitation to create a calling card is currently open to Research Staff and Students at Bath Spa University. From 2020, we also intend to invite people inside or outside of the university who share an interest in creativity and education across borders to make their own calling cards. This could include public spaces for research such as the new Kresen Kernow Centre. Or it could include ‘citizen investigator’ members of the public who are conducting their own research, for pleasure or as part of a work-based project.

To discuss creating a calling card, or to become a member of TRACE, get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.