Journeymakers is a pilot research project that seeks to inspire people who want to embark on a period of reflection, adventure, and travel.

The project is inspired by ‘journeyman’ years – a 2-3 year period of travel undertaken by craftspeople who want to advance from apprentice to master. During this time out from their usual work, craftspeople travel around the country and collect stamps in a travel book to map their progress. At the end of the journey, they then return home and set up their own independent practice.

Photo of a person reading a map
Photo of a person writing
Photo of the interior of a commuter train

The Journeymakers project seeks to record and produce a series of original videos and multimedia stories about modern day individuals and practitioners who have initiated independent research projects.

If you have an interesting project to share about a self-initiated research or creative investigation, then please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

The videos will be used to inform the development of a Journeymakers Stamp book and diary that draws from the principles of the Writer’s Cycle.