We are proud to announce that TRACE is the new home for the international journal, Transnational Literature.

The journal will be relaunched in 2020, following a year-long consultation period with existing readers and potential new audiences to decide what role the journal should perform.

If you are new to the field or you’re curious about the connotations of ‘Transnational Literature’, we define it as writing or literature that crosses borders, recognising differences as well as points of connection between cultures.

Prof Bambo Soyinka says, “When reframed as a threshold, the transnational border is a site for making meaning: it is an imaginative space through which we can move back and forth from the known to the unknown; and from safe to surprising forms of expression.”

Our aim, at the journal, is to offer a platform for creative writers, educators and researchers from a range of transnational traditions to showcase their very best work, with the intention that the journal fosters conversation and community across thresholds.

We would like to take this opportunity to hear what readers, artists and researchers in the field value, and what they might wish from the journal in the future.

Our consultation takes approximately five minutes and your responses will have an impact on the future direction of the journal.

The Transnational Journal
The Transnational Journal
The Transnational Journal

The first issue of Transnational Literature was published in November 2008 by the then-Flinders Humanities Research Centre, under the editorship of Dr Gillian Dooley.