As part of our Consultancy Agency, we offer a range of services, from the development of strategic foundational frameworks, to the production of engagement campaigns and multimedia project evaluations. We combine professionalism and expertise in storytelling with a community ethos. The projects we support use stories to bring people together across boundaries, and often involve multiple disciplines and skill sets.

List of Services:

Project Proposals

Many people regard the task of writing project proposals as a chore – something that they need to do in order to gain funding or access to a competitive programme. But, looked at in a different way, project proposals are a great way to gain insight into what you want to do and why.

We use our expertise in storytelling and research to guide clients through the process of identifying key aims for their projects with the objective of developing outstanding applications for funding or financing bids. Our team will work with you to present your aims and objectives in a compelling way. By the end of the process you will feel excited about your proposed project and this enthusiasm will be represented in your proposal.

Strategic Frameworks

We help clients identify their outcomes and reach them by developing actionable strategies. Using our research skills and narrative thinking, we build firm strategies and foundational frameworks that guide teams, companies, and partnerships to accomplish their missions.

Our team of experts draws on a variety of strategic methods and frameworks, including Theory of Change, Logic Models, and Foundational Frameworks to map out implementation, mechanisms for change, and achievable outcomes.

Strategic plans can be used as the basis for putting into place milestones, targets or evaluation methods. With a firm strategy in place, you can feel confident and enthusiastic about achieving successful outcomes.

Project Evaluations

We help clients to develop methods of evaluation based on their strategic plan or theory of change. We believe that evaluation practices are most effective when they are built into, and woven throughout, a project, prompting regular reflection and, if necessary, course correction. It’s not about setting a goal and working rigidly towards it, conducting evaluations only at the end, but about having the tools to frequently evaluate and adapt along the way. We specialise in embedding evaluation practices into the project from the beginning to ensure that outcomes are achieved.

Festival and Event Evaluation

We can offer festival and event evaluation, creating evaluation plans and tools, as well as summary reports which provide robust and effective measurement of impacts, outcomes and change. Our evaluations will draw out the unique character of your event, with an emphasis on innovation in storytelling, interdisciplinarity, and community impact.

Engagement Campaigns

If you’ve just received funding or financing for a project that needs to rapidly develop an engagement campaign, our expert team of consultants can help you gain insights into your staff, audience, or customers. Working closely with you, we will help you to translate this information into an engaging narrative-based communications campaign. Using our expertise in creating compelling narratives, we will help you engage your audience throughout the project and keep them informed along the way.

Event Coverage

We offer social media coverage in a number of forms, which can be tailored to your needs.

We can:

  • Track the social media coverage before, during, and after your event.
  • Attend your event and post on social media during your event. Posts will track the main events, discussions, and describe the atmosphere at your event.
  • We will then use the posts we create and/or data we compile to develop a publication which encapsulates your event.

Our transmedia event coverage is our most complete and diverse documentation package. From social media to live quotations and interviews, photographs, video, and material samples, we can document a multimedia experience of your event.

The types of media you want to record will depend greatly on your event. We can decide this in consultation with you, to ensure you have everything you need.

Diversity Strategies and Evaluation

We support organisations to use narrative-based methods to develop strategies for the diversity and inclusivity of their initiatives.