Research Projects
The Story Foundry conducts its own research projects in-house, exploring the evolution and future of storytelling, and gaining insight into methodologies for lifelong learning, research and narrative-driven intelligence. We take a public service approach to research and prioritise projects that support diversity, wellbeing, and green futures.

In House Projects:

Kino Stories

An example of our research is the development of our concept of ‘Kino Stories’. This is a label used to describe the changing face of storytelling in our time. The term is half invented, half borrowed from radical Soviet filmmaker Vertov who came up with the notion of the ‘Kino-Eye’. The ‘Kino-Eye’ was Vertov’s phrase for a camera ‘inserted into reality’. Instead of making heavily staged films in the studio, Vertov wanted to record reality as it unfolded. The ‘Kino Story’, is a story which unfolds in real time, changing and being changed by its environment. It might be told through Artificial Intelligence, data streams or significant collaboration across boundaries.

AI Story Lab

The AI Story Lab commission by TRACE Creative Writing Incubator, Paper Nations, was a partnership project conducted with The Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries, Bristol+Bath Creative R+D, and creative technology partners To Play For. The commission facilitated under-represented writers in the upper South West of England to develop skills in creating character-driven stories with AI. Writers worked with industry leaders to brainstorm new ways of putting the audience at the heart of a story, to learn new technological approaches and most importantly, to play.