Diversity and Inclusion

At Story Foundry we prioritise the inclusion of a range of identities, communities and voices, in order to celebrate the richness to be found in dynamic and diverse perspectives. The more voices we create space for, the more perspectives our minds are opened to. Working across cultural boundaries, we seek to bring together people from all sections of the community, with unique lived experiences, beliefs, interests, and expertise. We seek to challenge existing systems of representation.

Green Futures

The future of the planet is in our hands and we must find ways to alter the current trajectory. We are interested in story based approaches to the climate crisis, working with local groups to develop narrative strategies of communication - talking with people, not at them - to create real change.

Tech for Good - Business for Good - Creativity for Good

We are strong believers in the public good - in putting social needs at the heart of our work and yours. It’s about prioritising the needs of the wider society, whether that be through tech projects and initiatives, business practices, or using creativity to do good.

Here at Story Foundry we believe it’s our social responsibility to use our skills and expertise in narrative imagining to serve society.

Transcultural Creativity

The goals of Story Foundry are aligned with the overarching mission of TRACE, our host research centre. TRACE aims to support research that enables a better understanding of creativity and education as it occurs within the world, and across cultures. We want to map, document, and share knowledge about cross-cultural spaces that enable education and creativity to flourish across the arts, sciences, and humanities, as well as within homes, communities, and business.