The Story Foundry - ‘Writers’ Gym ’ is an academic membership designed to help you progress in your writing practice and career development.

The Story Foundry Writers’ Gym and Salon is a year-round membership plan for interdisciplinary researchers who want to stay on-track with their writing. The Writers’ Gym will help you move forward with writing-focused projects, which may range from traditional academic publications, through to funding bids, career progression applications, CVs, and public profiles. Our unique process will guide you through a cycle of self-defined actions throughout the year providing you with supportive accountability to start writing, keep writing, and get published.

What is it?

The Writers’ Gym works as a membership scheme based on the academic year cycle, with academics being welcome to join at any time. The Salon consists of monthly, day-long, virtual writing retreats, where members can connect with other academics and set goals for the coming months. This is a space to workshop ideas, get peer feedback, whilst offering optional seminars on specific topics throughout the year. You will also receive a bi-Monthly newsletter with features on how/where to get published, where to find grants and how to navigate your academic career.

Within the writing retreats, there are four key/core areas of engagement to help you:

Commit: to a regular schedule of writing and/or making, creating self-defined goals to support motivation and consistency in writing. Supporting mindsets and flexible working to achieve results.

Get Connected: to a global community of peers for feedback, ‘action set groups’, skill sharing, and accountability.

Find your Academic Voice: by developing understanding and practice in alternative communication, story-telling, public speaking and
discipline-specific writing practice.

Accelerate your career: by gaining industry knowledge and developing wider networks for professional and academic employment.

Get in touch!

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Why join the Gym?

The Writers’ Gym Is an academic support process that uses a unique methodology to progress and develop your written work, founded on evidence-based research. The methodology takes into consideration the intersectional realities which may hinder a consistent and focused academic writing practice.

Contrary to the stereotype of being able to easily make time to write alongside your other duties, we recognise that academics often face a myriad of barriers to moving forward with their academic goals.

It’s not always easy to ‘just carve out time and write’, sometimes you need guidance, peer support, and inspiration.

What’s the evidence that this works?

Our extensive research into the challenge of sustaining a life as a writer has shown that there are complex practical, socio-economic and psychological systems that are at play in the writing process.

Based on consultation with 700 authors and professionals, this proven process provides a structure of support and accountability, underpinned by industry experts and established academics.

This structure highlights the importance of being part of a community that sets down specific markers for you to meet and allows for a focused strategy to account for factors such as lack of motivation, time, and knowledge.

Am I Eligible?

Everyone is welcome to join and will benefit from the process, but the membership is ideally suited to academics and researchers who feel that they don’t fit into the usual boxes. For example, you may be a cross-disciplinary academic, an international researcher, an artist, an innovator, a working mum etc.

Membership Plans

Students, MA, PhD - £100 Yearly or £10.00 Monthly
Post-Docs and Early Career Researchers - £180 Yearly or £15.00 Monthly
Established Academics - £210 Yearly or £20.00 Monthly

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